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The section of path between Sunbury Bridge and the steps at Dean Path, close to Dean Village, has been closed due to a landslip. According to The Water of Leith Conservation Trust, the Council are in the process of investigating this issue. In the meantime people are encouraged to use alternative routes and to not put themselves at risk. For more news on the Walkway, visit The Water of Leith Conservation Trust's website .
Last year we took Stockbridge’s Primary Four on a nature walk through the Dean Valley and the children were surprised by the randomness of nature and the roots forcing their way through the walkway. The Dean Valley, a green lung in the heart of the city, is only a couple of minutes walk away from Stockbridge Primary school, and we wanted to find out how much the local school children knew about the valley and its rich natural environment. Last spring we therefore invited Primary Four from Stockbridge Primary school to take part in a project to learn about Dean...