Dangerous Norway maple cut down

Remains of the Norway maple on the bank below Randolph CliffA large Norway maple which had root-heaved from the slope below Randolph Cliff and was hanging over the walkway had to be cut down the other day by the Forestry department for safety reasons.

Ian Morrison, the Trees and Woodlands Officer, had already anticipated that the tree would need pruning and had programmed a crown reduction to alleviate wind-loading to the canopy. However increased and heavy rainfall, which creates soggy unstable ground, and swirling winds when the tree is in leaf, affected the tree causing it to heal over. The arisings and stump will be left to enhance biodiversity and provide habitat for invertebrates and fungi.

However we say that the area could be tidied up and made a bit neater as it is always good to provide wildlife habitat but not at the expense of a mess beside the walkway.

KT 23/10/2020