Otters in the Dean Valley (Video)

Last summer, in a very quiet moment, new Dean Village resident Claire spotted and filmed an otter family frolicking in the Water of Leith.

Having lived in Edinburgh all her life she has recently come into town and downsized into a redevelopment which marries the old and the new. She enjoys looking out on the habitat evolving seasonally, every couple of weeks, as nature changes. And is enchanted by the uplifting yet vibrant and tranquil environment so close to the centre of the City.

People, she says, are always coming and going along the City’s green corridor, with elderly walkers and their walking sticks alongside prams and cycles. There are new people to meet every day and this is why, she supposes, there is such a lovely mix in the local community with so many long-term residents. It is good she says that the Water of Leith walkway is connected with the cycle paths allowing people to criss-cross the City allowing a wider group to enjoy and appreciate the Dean Valley.

However, she would welcome a cohesive and ongoing management regime in order to maintain this beauty and tranquil natural oasis.