Litter and Graffiti continue to disfigure the Dean Valley

Mounds of litter and rubbish have appeared on the bank above the Saunders Street allotments. There are reports of youths throwing stuff down onto the beds and at the allotment holders. A gate into the bank has been broken for years allowing easy access.

Saunders Street Bank strewn with litter
New graffiti appears regularly on the archways and disturbingly for the first time in a while on the mill lade arch below street level at Mackenzie Bridge.

Mill lade arch at Mackenzie Bridge
This is an important archaeological feature and should be protected against vandalism. The mill lade in the Dean Valley, which originally ran alongside the present Water of Leith walkway, then a narrow path, originally took the water under Saunders Street to Silvermills further down the valley. Let us hope the area can be cleaned up soon.

KT 20/2/23