Adam Bruce Thomson at City Arts Centre

Painting of the bridge in Dean VillageThis glorious painting of the weir and old Dean Bridge features in a major retrospective exhibition of the works of Adam Bruce Thomson, renowned Edinburgh teacher and painter, at the City Arts Centre 2 Market Street from 11 May to 6 Oct 2024.

Entitled ‘The Quiet Path’ this exhibition dedicated to his life’s work, describes both his subjects and gentle manner as teacher, mentor and friend to other artists. For forty years he taught at the Edinburgh Art College influencing and encouraging a generation of Scottish artists. Drawings from WWI and enchanting portraits of his children through to his final colourful and dramatic paintings of landscapes in the 1970s are all characterised by his insightful and skilled perspective.

There were many I would have been happy to hang on my own walls.

The venue is free and accessible so well worth a visit this summer.
KT 11 May 2024