39 Volunteers attended Stockbridge clean-up

On Sunday the 19th February 39 Volunteers turned up for The Water of Leith Conservations Trust's Stockbridge clean-up and vegetation control task. 

On the The Water of Leith Conservation Trust's website we can read that: 

"On the 19th February the sun shone and an amazing amount of volunteers turned up for the Stockbridge clean-up and vegetation control task. We began to cut back the ivy, brambles and ash regeneration around St Bernards Well so later in the year we can being planting and improving the diversity of the area and protect some of the stone work. This project will been funded by the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme and includes some expert work by contactors to remove tree and ivy in areas not suited to volunteer activity, removating the railings, planting wildflowers and bulbs, and overall tiding up the area. This Sunday team made a great start, and the river was throughly cleaned from Falshaw bridge to Dean - Thank you everyone. Sadly our Thursday task was cancelled due to storm Doris, this has been re-schedualed for 16th March."

Good job, everyone! For the full story, see The Water of Leith Conservation Trust.